Precision Metal Stampings for Diverse Industries

Meeting and Exceeding Industry Specifications

Kenmode specializes in developing high-precision, tight-tolerance custom stampings and assemblies required by the automotiveinsert moldingmedical device, and electronics industry which includes data communications, telecommunications, and consumer goods and appliances.

We understand the industry standards and production demands unique to each field and we earn high level certifications to ensure the highest quality. 

Kenmode has a long track record of success in producing parts to the most exacting industry standards -- whether it's a large complex part for a stylized windshield wiper system or a micro-miniature stamping for an insert molding, medical or electronics application. Often, our engineering and tool and die experts are able to improve the design of the part to significantly exceed initial customer specifications.

We are proud that our customers represent some of the most respected names in their industries, in the U.S. and around the globe.