Rapid Tool Transfer Program

Manufacturers are finding many cases where transferring tools from one metal stamper to another makes good sense.  Some of these reasons include:

  • Avoid production delays/disruptions due to economic instability in countries where overseas suppliers operate
  • Decrease shipping time and costs
  • Minimize risk by diversifying suppliers
  • Reduce expenses through competitive bidding
  • Gain efficiencies in production through more advanced equipment/facilities
  • Address quality issues with current suppliers
  • Improve on-time performance

Kenmode offers manufacturers a fast and simple way to transfer their metal stamping tools and dies to Kenmode through our Tool & Die Rapid Transfer Program.

Step 1: Obain a Quote to Run the Die & Produce the Parts

The first step in the process is to obtain a quote for running the die and producing the parts. In order to provide an accurate estimate, Kenmode needs to obtain as much information upfront as possible.

Complete the Tool Transfer Estimate Form and submit the requested documents to Kenmode to receive a quote.

Step 2:  Ship Existing Die to Kenmode for Inspection

The next step is to ship the existing die to Kenmode so that our engineers can conduct an inspection to determine if the die meets quality standards or if it needs repair or redesign.

If it is not possible to ship the die in advance, Kenmode will inspect and evaluate the die as soon as it is transferred.  Kenmode may also review the tool at the current supplier, if allowed, and if the customer absorbs travel costs.

If it is not possible to obtain the die from the current supplier, Kenmode will need to build a new tool. Although the initial cost to build a tool may be higher, the new die may result in improved quality, performance, time and/or cost savings over the transferred tool.

Step 3:  Receive Report / Recommendations

For a small fee, Kenmode will provide an in-depth evaluation and detailed report on whether the tool can be used as is, needs to be repaired, or whether the best solution is to build a new tool. The report will include associated costs for resulting recommendations.

When production deadlines are tight, Kenmode can handle the die transfer in a matter of days. However, whenever possible, it helps to plan further in advance to ensure a successful transfer and production start-up and to avoid manufacturing delays.

Start the transfer process by completing the Tool Transfer Estimate Form to obtain a quote to run the die and produce the parts.