Collaboration with our engineers and your technical staff  in the initial planning stage is key to ensuring efficient production and long-term functionality of the part.

in-depth planning session

A cross-functional team of your and our staff members participate in an in-depth planning session to review critical elements of the program.
  • Review part specifications, industrial applications and expected useful life
  • Incorporate statutory or regulatory requirements 
  • Analyze print and address unusual risks
  • Evaluate material and characteristics
  • Plan for secondary operations
  • Establish tooling parameters
  • Define control plans
  • Determine final assembly & packaging requirements
  • Discuss potential demand variances

For manufacturers in the planning process for new products, our technical team can add valuable guidance upfront to help speed time to market.


Project management

A designated project manager is responsible for ensuring the project is completed on time and on budget and for communicating status updates to the cross functional team.