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Tool Design, Build & Maintenance

Our experienced team of tool designers and tool & die makers use the latest technology to design, build and maintain tools in-house.

Tool Design & Build

  • Design and build highly complex, high-precision tools in-house
  • Review technical specifications and provide critical feedback for tool design
  • Maintain control of entire tool development and production process
  • Short-term and long-term tooling solutions
  • Tools built to last life of original quoted program with little to no downtime

Tooling Maintenance

  • In-house staff ensures tools consistently run to exact specifications at all times
  • Conduct preventive maintenance of tooling and equipment on regular basis
  • Consider maintenance requirements when designing tool
  • Keep record of maintenance activities and issues

Advanced Technology

  • 3D tool design and simulation software
  • Wire EDM for making intricate parts
  • In-die sensor technology to ensure tool safety and consistent quality

Tooling Insights

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