Design Engineering Assistance

Manufacturers benefit from Kenmode’s engineering expertise as Kenmode’s engineering team assesses and provides recommendations for ease of manufacturing, durability, quality, and cost containment. Our engineers work closely with your product designers to develop the best solution for your requirements, using 3D CAD design software and other advanced technology.

Kenmode follows the principles of Collaborative Product and Process Design, interpreting the client’s specifications and requirements in light of our knowledge of metal-stamping design and production, including materials and tolerances. Our goal is to recommend the best way to design a part to reduce the risk of failure, increase productivity, and contain costs. With our extensive in-house engineering resources, we can make modifications quickly if a flaw is discovered during the design phase.

The sooner we are involved in the part design process, the better. We often propose design improvements that lead to significant savings in production time and expense – from something as simple as changing the way parts are packaged to simplify assembly for the manufacturer to complex changes such as reconfiguring a part to eliminate unnecessary steps in the manufacturing process and drive down expenses.