Secondary Operations and Packaging

Your Kenmode project manager arranges for any secondary operations and customized packaging you need so that your part is finished and ready to ship as quickly as possible.  Our project managers call upon both expert in-house resources and proven local suppliers, who provide such specialized operations as cleaning, deburring, and heat-treating.

At every step of the process, Kenmode maintains strict inventory and quality control procedures. In fact, we oversee all packaging in-house to ensure quality.

Secondary Operations

  • Heat treating
    • Loose piece  
    • On reel
  • Secondary tooling to trim parts or to form and cingulate at the customer location
  • Welding and spot welding
  • Mechanical finishing, including sanding, grinding, polishing and buffing
  • Forming and laser welding
  • Specialty cleaning and deburring
  • Passivation
  • Sterilization
  • Electropolishing


  • Plating
    • Pre-plating
    • Post-plating
    • Spot plating
    • Precision and non-precious metal plating
  • Painting, e-coat and other finishes


  • Reel to reel
  • Tape & Reel
  • Loose piece
  • Parts supplied on a bandolier
  • Custom packaging
  • Export services
  • Parts supplied on a bandolier
  • Labeling and bar coding
  • Reusable packaging
  • Special handling containers


  • Manual
  • In-Die