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Sustainability Is Important to Us

Kenmode pledges to protect the environment by reaching net zero carbon emissions by 2040.  We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economic improvements in the community in which we do business.

Economic Mission

  • Kenmode strives to create economic prosperity for the company, its employees and associates.
  • Kenmode undertakes sustainability through responsible business practices, integrity, ethics and good business conduct.
  • Kenmode complies with relevant business regulations, local laws, and federal guidelines.
  • Kenmode strives to provide our customers with quality products and 100% on time delivery.

Environmental Goals and Achievements

  • Reduce C02 footprint through the use of green energy
  • Strive for utilization of 100% green energy by 2040 (currently at 50%)
  • Increase use of recycled raw material where possible.
  • Recycle scrap material from production.
  • Recycle non-production materials where possible.
  • Replaced standard lighting with LED lighting
  • Installed high efficiency compressors and air conditioners
  • Added motion sensor lighting in the warehouse and non-production areas

Social Commitment

  • Create a positive well-balanced workplace, emphasizing health, safety and the wellbeing of its employees.
  • Provide educational funding to enhance employee training.
  • Ensure fair labor practices, wages and benefits.
  • Promote ethical behavior, integrity and fairness in everything we do.