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Career Opportunities

Sensor Specialist
(1st Shift)


Date Posted

905 W. Algonquin Road
Algonquin, IL 60102

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Position Summary
This person will be responsible for the die-sensor program at our facilities. This includes the design, construction, maintenance, modification and repair of all sensors and related components used in tooling and automation.

Major Duties and Responsibilities

  • Conduct and document bench testing of sensor applications.
  • Research, analyze and test various sensor applications that provides the most effective protection for the dies, providing the documentation for rationale to the Engineering management team.
  • Provide technical assistance to the Tool Room regarding tooling and process issues during die fabrication and debugging. 
  • Master the die protection programs and as resident expert, be able to develop and deliver the required training to the production personnel.
  • Maintain a sensor laboratory, catalog / library of required / related equipment and tools and proper levels of sensor inventories for production and development work.
  • Develop production drawings of sensor installations for the Tool Room.
  • Assist when required on sensor related problems during production and/or prototype runs.
  • Compile and analyze test data. Track, document and report on the effectiveness of various sensors in various applications. 
  • Evaluate failures and work closely with Design, Tooling and Production teams to correct the issue as quickly as possible, track lessons learned and avoid a recurrence of issues.
  • Works with Engineering management, Quality Assurance team, tool designers, toolmakers and production personnel in order to evaluate, incorporate and modify state-of-the-art die sensors on the front end of tooling designs and video based in process technologies. 
  • Manage multiple projects, establish milestone goals, evaluate progress and expenses.
  • Works closely with the QA Director and QA Manager to implement a state-of-the-art video based measurement system at the presses where applicable.

Educational Requirements
AS in Electronics (or comparable experiences)

Experience Requirements
Minimum of 3 years in Machining (Tool & Die Related)

Technical Requirements
Knowledge of Sensor Technology (a plus)
Competent in designing with CAD software
Experience with SolidWorks (a plus)
Experience working with sensor testing techniques (a plus)
Interpret electrical schematics, mechanical drawings, blueprints and diagrams
Troubleshoot, analyze, test, calibrate and repair electronic circuits
Ability to design for manufacturability / production (a plus)
Knowledge of machining, tool building and tool maintenance (a plus)

Computer Skills
Competent with Excel, MS Word and MS PowerPoint

Special Sills / Competencies
Competent in proximity sensor technology and its application in stamping tools (a plus)
Competent in bench testing sensor simulations (a plus)
Competent in working from verbal instructions and concepts (a plus)
Competent in training individuals in set-up and usage of sensors (a plus)
Strong verbal and written communication skills
Strong teamwork ethic

Tool & Die Apprenticeship (a plus)


Senior Tooling Designer
(1st Shift)


Date Posted

905 W. Algonquin Road
Algonquin, IL 60102

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Postion Summary
The primary focus will be on high speed contact dies which utilize thin raw materials and extremely close tolerances in order to consistently: work to the tenths on piece parts; work with thin materials from .001 - .008; grind (carbide and/or steel) down to the tenths; dress diamond wheels properly; work at speeds up to 1500 SPM on high speed presses; and maintain and/or repair dies in order to have products come off the dies that meets the job specifications. 

Specific Duties

  • plan the entire process needed for repairing a variety of complex, intricate to extremely intricate tools and their components for high speed contact dies while working to extremely close tolerances
  • know the safest and most efficient set-ups on all machine shop equipment needed for die building or repair (i.e. grinders, mills, lathes, saws, drills, etc.)
  • perform work from blueprints, sketches, verbal description and/or specifications of tool requirements, production problems and required finish part dimensions and tolerances
  • perform close to extremely close tolerance work where no design is available or has been proven effective
  • with extreme care and precision, manufacture components to extremely tight tolerances and inspect finished dies for timing accuracy and defects
  • fit and assemble parts to make, repair or modify dies, jigs, gauges and tools, using machine tools or hand tools; capable of troubleshooting/de-bugging of the tools in an accurate and timely manner
  • plan, devise and/or construct temporary fixtures and holding devices to accommodate unusual tooling sizes and finished surfaces located at unusual relationships to each other; with extreme care and precision
  • perform hand "bench work" or use machine tools to bring tooling to exact specifications and efficiency. Involves hand polishing, filing, sharpening and radiusing tool surfaces to precise tolerances to facilitate conforming part production and minimize "trial and error" adjustments at the press;
  • with extreme care and precision, rework, repair, sharpen and modify tooling to correct deficiencies, accommodate tool wear, or adapt obsolete tooling to perform permanent or emergency "duty" as a replacement for broken, missing or necessary duplicate tools;
  • assist press room personnel, and other tool room personnel, in the analysis of tooling and part quality problems, the development of solutions and the implementation of corrective actions related to ineffective tooling and/or machine malfunctions;
  • with extreme care and precision, demonstrate an ability to change the dimensional requirements or tolerances of new tooling that is found ineffective in which process may involve "trial and error" and small incremental adjustments to eliminate defects, press malfunctions and to prove new tooling on products and processes where no company performance history is available.  


  • Journeyman's Certificate for Tool & Die
  • 10 years of experience in the job offered or 10 years of experience in tool & die making.
  • Employer also accepts: 15 years of experience in the job offered or 15 of experience in tool and die making.

Special Skills

  • 6 years of experience in tight tolerance contact dies
  • 1 year of experience with Solidworks 3D for Tool & Die applications
  • 1 year of experience with MS Excel and Word