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Custom precision metal stamping

We make the complex simple.

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Precision Metal Stamping

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Design Engineering Assistance

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Production Planning

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Tool Design, Build & Maintenance

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Secondary Operations

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Assembly & Packaging

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Quality Control

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Industries We Serve

Our ability to handle a wide range of metal stamping materials and component parts - from micro miniature medical stampings with precious metals to large automotive stampings made of steel, allows us to serve diverse industry needs. 


From micro-miniature automotive stampings with precious metals to production of large-gauge steel parts, we are a single source for a wide range of complex projects for the automotive industry.

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Busbar manufacturing requires unique capabilities and experience.  Our full understanding and expertise in dealing with red metals and aluminum materials plus our existing partnerships with approved secondary suppliers allows us to provide you with a more finished product that meets your exact requirements.

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Medical Device

As an ISO 13485 certified metal stamping company, we understand the strict standards of the medical device industry and ensure that each part will meet or exceed those standards, time after time.

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We demonstrate a unique ability to streamline the production of even the smallest, most complex electrical stampings, while ensuring complete accuracy and cost-efficiency.

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Insert Molding

We have been working in partnership with the insert molding industry for years, with a record of success in delivering the most complex part configurations with high performance and high efficiency, for a wide range of applications.

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