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Kenmode Appoints Frank Kraft as Director of Engineering and New Tooling

Posted by Tim Lynch | Mar 26, 2019 10:00:00 AM

Kenmode Precision Metal Stamping has named Frank Kraft to the position of Director of Engineering and New Tooling, overseeing an array of functions in Kenmode’s Tech Center, including research, new product development, prototyping, tool design and build, simulation software analysis, sensor and inspection systems, and program management. His team also provides engineering support for metal stamping production.

An experienced leader in high-tech manufacturing, injection molding, and metal stamping, Kraft began his career in 1988 as an apprentice toolmaker for a tool and die maker in the Chicago area, a five-year program that honed his skills in new tooling and die building. Since then, he has progressed from front-line manufacturing roles to management positions as a designer, engineer, engineering manager, and operations manager with area manufacturers and metal stamping operations.

In precision metal stamping, engineering and tool development go hand in hand, as the tooling must be custom made for each new project and designed for manufacturability. Working with clients in the automotive, medical device, electronics, and insert molding industries, Kraft manages a team of technical, engineering and manufacturing experts to develop new products and ensure efficient production.

“Frank Kraft’s level of expertise in every facet of metal stamping operations is unmatched. In addition to his extensive engineering background, he is a dedicated team builder, and it truly takes an entire team to bring new products successfully from development to production,” said Kurt Moders, president of Kenmode.

“Kenmode is driven to achieve world-class operations and I am excited to contribute to that effort,” said Frank Kraft. “The Kenmode team is really leading the way toward the use of advanced technology in order to help our clients get new products to market quickly and efficiently.”

Since its founding in the Chicago suburbs in 1960, Kenmode has built a reputation for strict adherence to uncompromised quality and performance standards in the manufacture of complex, high-precision custom metal stampings and assemblies for the automotive, electronics, consumer goods, insert molding, and medical device industries worldwide. Today, Kenmode fields one of the largest and most experienced engineering, design, and tool and die teams in the industry and employs the latest technology throughout the metal stamping design and production process. Kenmode handles a wide range of metal stamping materials and component parts, from micro-miniature medical stampings to large automotive stampings made from steel.

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