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Kenmode Invests in Innovative New Cleaning Equipment to Elevate Operations

Posted by Tim Lynch | Jan 23, 2023 10:58:15 AM

Kenmode, a world leader in complex, high-precision custom metal stampings and assemblies has introduced innovative new cleaning equipment to its operations. Implemented earlier this year, Kenmode introduced the Aquamaster CB parts washer and the Baron Blakeslee M-Series Vapor degreaser.

“Our electric vehicle and medical component clients asked us to take our cleaning operations in-house and we acted on it," said Tom Skibinski, Vice President of Operations. "By investing in this equipment, we now have better control and can deliver faster turnaround times.”

The Alliance Aquamaster CB3000E Conveyorized Parts Cleaning System has been specifically designed for the inline cleaning of a wide variety of manufactured parts at higher volume production rates, accommodating a wide variety of parts. The conveyor parts washer is available in multiple configurations, with Kenmode leveraging options such as the micron filtration system, DI rinse, automatic chemical injection, coalescing oil condenser system, and PLC temperature controls. This, coupled with reverse fluid flow, allows Kenmode to minimize process variation and reduce water discharge. A 30” wide stainless-steel belt accommodates a wide variety of part geometries, and heated dryers are utilized to allow for immediate packaging. This continuous flow machine utilizing alkaline cleaners allows Kenmode to offer some of the most cost effective, environmentally sound cleaning technology to the marketplace.

“With the growth in the EV market, we’re already nearing capacity on the Alliance Aquamaster and looking to add additional capacity in the near future," stated Skibinski.

Kenmode has also invested in the Baron Blakeslee M-Series vapor degreaser, due to the versatility of its options. The vapor degreasing process involves boiling a solvent to create a vapor, which then condenses onto each part surface - thereby dissolving any soils on the part. The new degreaser offers consistent and reliable cleaning performance with minimal maintenance, and engineered to reduce waste in consideration of a company’s carbon footprint. This solvent-based vapor degreasing system is equipped with a continuous distilling process to clean oil saturated solvent and return it to the work zone for reuse, therefore minimizing disposal. Kenmode has suited this machine with a near-zero ozone depletion potential solvent that is considered non-hazardous waste in its spent form.

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