Streamlining Precision Metal Stamping Processes to Reduce Time to Market and Costs

From Custom Design through Packaging

The experienced designers and engineers at Kenmode are adept at streamlining part design and eliminating unnecessary costs.  From the very beginning of a project, our engineering staff looks for ways to reduce time-to-market and obtain the highest quality level for the lowest production cost.  We leverage advanced technology throughout our metal stamping process to ensure these goals are met.

We use 3D CAD software to design for manufacturability and repeatability, and build our own tools to the most exacting standards so that you can count on the same results on every production run.  The depth of our engineering and design team allows us to produce fully functional prototypes quickly.  Through rapid prototyping, we can provide accurate evaluation and validation of the new metal stamping. 

We invest time in the planning process to prevent mistakes, encompassing every phase of production, from design review to mistake-proofing the tool design to ensuring the right sequence of operations to packaging requirements. Making sure the metal stamping production will run smoothly from the start helps to avoid costly tooling and production problems and delays down the road and results in seamless on-time launches of new products.  To streamline the process for our customers, we assign a program manager to see each project through from start to finish.