Sophisticated Technology Results in Zero Defects

Kenmode has invested in advanced technology to ensure parts meet stringent quality control requirements -- and that means zero defects.

OGP SNAP Full Function Digital Measuring Machine

Metal stampng OGP Snap measuring machineKenmode's newest addition, the OGP SNAP Full Function Digital Measuring Machine, is a 2D Visual inspection system featuring a custom megapixel camera which provides high definition images that are easily measured with the “Measure-X” 2D metrology software. This set up provides a full range of feature measurements with no limit on number of points or measurement steps in a routine. Sends data outputs directly to the SPC system.

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM)

Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) for metal stamping components

Sophisticated Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM) provides precise measurements of the part within the tightest manufacturing tolerances.  The CMM also checks geometric dimensions and tolerances specified on the blueprint.  The result?  A quality part that's on spec every time.



Statistical Process Control System

Precision Metal Stamping SPC Chart

With Kenmode's Statistical Process Control System, statistical methods are used to track the metal stamping manufacturing process.  The system picks up even the smallest variances before big problems occur down the line.  Important attributes are assigned to the metal stamping with an acceptable range for variances during manufacturing. Then variances from the norm are charted automatically in real time with SPC software.  If unacceptable variances occur, it’s easy to see exactly where the process fails, allowing a manager to address the causes and quickly resolve the problem.

Optical Vision Systems

Optical Vision System for precision metal stamping parts Kenmode's Optical Vision Systems simplify non-contact video measurement of all dimensions of the part and are capable of resolutions as precise as .000020".  The vision system is used to verify initial dimensions to ensure conformance with the blueprint.  A simpler program controls dimensions required for ongoing production.  Data from the vision system is entered into Kenmode's SPC system where quality personnel can automatically review charts in real-time and make any necessary adjustments.



Custom Gauges for Individual Parts

custom quality control guages for precision metal stamping parts

Custom gauges are built for individual parts and used to ensure measurements are on spec.