State-of-the-Art Equipment

  • 3D tool design
  • Complete tool build from electronic files
  • High-tech machining centers
  • 3D CNC high-speed hard milling
  • Wire EDM machines with robotics
  • In-die detection sensor systems
  • in-line vision inspection equipment
  • OGP SNAP full function digital measuring machine
  • Non-contact video measurement system (Video CMM)

Leveraging Advanced Technology

From the Design Room to the Warehouse

At Kenmode, we continually monitor product quality and performance using Advanced Quality Planning tools.  By combining state-of-the-art equipment with mistake-proof processes at every stage of production, Kemode can meet your quality specifications and on-time delivery demands.  We employ the latest technology available in the industry throughout our design and production process, including robotics, in-die sensors and video inspection systems. We are also continually upgrading our professional resources, bringing more skilled people on board and training our staff to meet new industry needs.  In fact, Kenmode has one of the largest technology departments in the business with more than 60 engineers and tool and die makers on staff, each with industry-specific experience. Whether you are with the automotiveinsert moldingmedical device, or electronics industry, our staff has the experience you can rely on.

We are always seeking new ways to incorporate the latest technology throughout our operation and capabilities.  By constantly upgrading and expanding our equipment assets we can provide our customers with even greater automation and accuracy.