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Prevent Inventory Shortages - Consider Material Lead Times

Posted by Tim Lynch | 6/10/14 4:12 PM

Due to the uptick in business and the prior slowdown at the mills, we are seeing precision metal stamping material lead-times increasing significantly.  Consider material lead times to prevent inventory shortages.  The following lead times apply to all precision metal stamping industries

Lead Times as of June 2014 


 Steel  12 - 14 weeks  
 Stainless Steel      16 - 18 weeks


Copper Alloys:

 C172  Beryllium           8 weeks
 C17410      Brush Alloys             12 weeks
 C194  Copper  10 - 11 weeks
 C260  Brass  10 - 11 weeks  
 C510  Phosphorus Bronze       10 - 11 weeks


Medical Grade Alloys:

 MP35N       12 - 14 weeks  
 Titanium    8 - 10 weeks
 Tantalum  14 - 16 weeks


Keep the following items in mind when ordering materials:

  • These lead times are in addition to normal processing time from receipt of material and secondary outside operations.
  • Planning information is extremely important to meet your schedule.  The more visibility you can give on your delivery requirements, the more equipped we will be to meet your schedule.
  • Provide a letter of authorization to purchase additional material to help circumvent future issues.

Once the mills get back into full production, we should see these lead times reduced.  We will keep you informed of any changes as we are notified from our suppliers.

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