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Why a Single-Source Metal Stamping Company Might Be the Right Decision

Posted by Tim Lynch | 9/2/14 10:00 AM

When a metal stamping company develops your product from design through production in-house, there's a greater chance you'll get your parts on time and on budget.


Two Important Questions You Should Ask When Evaluating Metal Stamping Capabilities

Does the metal stamping company design and build tooling in-house? 

Your metal stamper will have better control over quality if they perform their own tool and die design and build in-house. Many stampers farm out the process because it requires expensive equipment and expertise.  A company that has in-house capabilities decreases the risk of costly production shutdowns.  A quality in-house tool maintenance team can perform repairs and is on-hand to fix problems quickly. 

What secondary operations does the metal stamping company provide? 

Metal stamping companies often provide a variety of secondary operations in-house, including part assembly and custom packaging. In addition, the stamper should manage highly specialized operations both in-house and through a network of approved suppliers, to provide a single-source solution. 

Common Metal Stamping Secondary Operations 

  • Pre-plating and post-plating
  • Precious and non-precious metal and spot plating
  • Heat treating: loose piece and on reels
  • Secondary tooling to trim
  • Painting, e-coat and other finishes
  • Forming and laser welding
  • Specialty cleaning and deburring
  • Electropolishing
  • Passivation
  • Sterilization
  • Assembly
  • Special Packaging

Quality single-source metal stamping suppliers typically assign each stamping project and all secondary operations to a single technical expert who will see your project through from start to finish -- making the process a lot easier on you.

Using a single-source supplier is only one of the factors OEMs consider when selecting a metal stamping supplier. Download "Top 10 OEM Demands and Decision Points for Selecting Precision Metal Stampers" to find out what OEMs are demanding of their metal stamping suppliers today.


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