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Metal Stamping Insights

Latest tips, trends and best practices in the metal stamping industry

April 22, 2024
The Evolution from NAFTA to USMCA

The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA), which took effect in 1994, was a landmark trade deal between Canada, Mexico, and the United States. ...

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KM 3D-simulation-1
December 4, 2018
How Precision Metal Stampers Use 3D Simulation Software to Design Tooling

Today’s precision metal stampers are turning to sophisticated 3D simulation software to produce high quality parts.

August 4, 2016
Ensuring Quality in Metal Stampings from Start to Finish: 13 Critical Steps to Ensure Metal Stamping Success (Steps 8-13)

Manufacturers who require precision metal stampings can benefit from understanding how to optimize the metal stamping process and reduce costs. This ...

December 14, 2015
Using Multiple-Up Dies for Metal Stamping to Save Money and Boost Volume

Designing the metal stamping die to produce a new precision part is one of the most important steps to ensuring long-term success in production. ...

November 11, 2015
Metal Stamping Sensors Boost Efficiency, Quality

In precision metal stamping, every stroke of the press exerts tremendous pressure on the metal being formed, which can lead to unpredictable problems ...

October 14, 2014
The Advantages and Disadvantages of Running Metal Stamping Family Dies

Family tooling is a method in which a manufacturer designs and builds a die that is able to simultaneously produce multiple components in different ...

September 2, 2014
Why a Single-Source Metal Stamping Company Might Be the Right Decision

When a metal stamping company develops your product from design through production in-house, there's a greater chance you'll get your parts on time ...

January 15, 2013
Move It or Lose It. How to Smoothly Transfer Tools to a New Metal Stamping Supplier

From economic downturns to natural disasters to industrial accidents, the huge upheavals in the global manufacturing supply chain in recent years ...