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Growth in Electric Vehicles Driving Need for Metal Stamped Busbars

on 10/7/20 9:00 AM | By Tim Lynch | 0 Comments | INDUSTRY: Busbar
Demand is revving up for electric vehicles of all kinds, from cars to trucks to public transport. According to Bloomberg NEF market forecasts, electric cars are expected to grow from 2.7% of all global passenger vehicle sales in 2020 to 10% by 2025, rising to 28% in 2030 and 58% in 2040. Currently, municipal buses and two wheelers represent the largest percentage of electric vehicles. In addition to full-electric vehicles, future demand appears great for hybrids and autonomous vehicles, which use some of the same applications, incorporating sophisticated networks of electrical current. In all these types of vehicles, metal stamped busbars serve to transmit power throughout the vehicle to applications large and small.
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